summary of options

Walking Track ...

$395 per person   4 day/night (recommended)

$375 pp                3 day/night

Mountain Biking Track ...

$395 per person   4 day/night - experienced riders

$375 pp                3 day/night - very experienced

Whether you walk or bike Four Peaks High Country Track, your food and gear is transported from hut to hut, so you only need to carry a day-pack with your lunch & wet weather gear.

E-bikes for hire ...     Take the ‘oomphh’ out of Mountain biking and hire an E-bike for your trip!  We have 2 top-of-the-range French Moustache Race5 mountain E-bikes that make mountain biking in

the hills a great experience.   Hire charge   +$100/ day

An E-bike puts a smile on your ride!!

options on Four peaks high country track
”Thank you for providing us townies the opportunities to view a high country farm. Your place looks spectacular!” 
             ..... Raewyn Devlin, MILTON, NZ

Shepherd’s Overnighter ...

$125 per person     1 night/ 2 day walk     For those with time

constraints this an excellent ‘getaway breath of fresh air’ option,

doing a 20km loop.  Walk or bike to Devil’s Creek Hut & back

out the next day.

Horse Trekkers trip ...

Get a group of ‘horsey’ friends together and enjoy 2, 3 or 4 days riding your own horse over the Four Peaks range. There are yards at the huts to let your horses graze safely overnight while you unwind in the historic shepherd’s Huts on the station.  It is advisable to have shod horses.

You will bring your own horses & equipment, and enough food

& clothing for the trip in a standard trampers pack which we will

transport to the huts. 

$325 per person   2 nights/3 days  riding 60 kilometres                     

$225 per person   1 night/2 days  riding 24 kilometres

                 Enquire about a voucher for that special person for that special occasion!!

    “Thank you for your warm hospitality and kindness when we walked the Four Peaks High  Country Track.  I have done dozens of walks around the country and found your one the most enjoyable.  It had a good challenge to it but it was just fantastic, the country superb  and the views unbelievable”.                                  
                                                                                     ... Reg Garters,  CHRISTCHURCH
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Non-walker/or biker option ...

$435 per person    To be transported by vehicle to stay with your walking/biking group in the Huts.   If you are unable to walk or bike but want to share the adventure with your friends this is a great way to do it.