How to get to Four Peaks High Country Track from ...

Geraldine   Turn right at Harcourts in Geraldine, onto Highway 79 and travel west heading towards Fairlie.  At the top of Mt. Michael is the Farm Barn Cafe - turn right here (carefully) on to Trentham Road and travel northwards, around Lake Opuha, turn right at the Monument corner on to Clayton Road. When you get on to shingle take the first road to the right - Clayton Settlement Road, go over bridge, turn left at mailboxes, then right in to Four Peaks Station.

Christchurch   Travel south on State Highway 1 to Rangitata. Turn right on to Highway 79 heading for Geraldine. You will veer left onto Highway 72, go over the Orari River Bridge, and on another 4 kilometres to Geraldine. In the centre of Geraldine turn right at Harcourts (on right), on to Highway 79 and travel west heading towards Fairlie.

Timaru      Travel north to Winchester, turn left on to Highway 72 heading for Geraldine. In Geraldine turn left at the Berry Barn Cafe on to Highway 79 to Fairlie.

"I would recommend it as a great walk, a must do, at our back doorstep"    
                           .... Sandra Bennett, TIMARU                                                                   back doorstep"                     
                                                                  ..... Sandra Bennett, TIMARU
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