The unique Shepherds' Huts are those used by shepherds for mustering and boundary keeping from the 1860s to the 1970s when there was little or no fencing in the South Island high country.  We have upgraded them for comfort and cosiness, while taking care to retain as much of their original history and charm as possible.

The original shepherds’ huts accommodated 6 people, we have added cabins/caravan to allow accommodation of up to 10.  The original 'scrim' beds in all the huts have been replaced with modern bed bases, covered mattresses, and clean pillows.  Gas cooking facilities and a large range of cooking utensils are supplied at each hut. 

hut accommodation
“What a fantastic way to spend a few days - all that one could wish for.  Love the country/pioneering feeling. Thank you very much.”   
                                 ......  Rosina,  KUROW, NZ

First night:           Station Huts

The further away hut was the first building erected on the farm known as

‘Choubra’ by Mr Jack Galwey in the early 1900s.  Once the homestead

was built it was used as a single man’s accommodation for a few years,

then as it fell in to dis-repair it was used as a store-room.  In 2010 it was

painted, repaired and re-lined inside with macrocarpa, back to it’s

original sound condition.

The near hut was built in the 1950’s as a single man’s hut and used as

such for a number of years, it too received a ‘facelift’ in 2010 to

become usable again.      A comfortable start!

Second night:         Sutherland's Hut                                                            

Built in 1866 out of local river stone and felled timbers, with a thatched

roof and earthen floor.  The thatched roof was replaced with corrugated

iron, and a wooden floor built in the early 1900’s.  In 2001 the damaged

chimney and collapsed north end were resurrected and re-plastered, and

the inside lined with timber for warmth.

Sutherland’s Hut is New Zealand’s oldest surviving hut, having stood

the test of time remarkably well.      An historic gem!

Third night:           Devil's Creek Hut    

Originally built out of timber in the 1870s, it was a small 'pokey' hut,

and was unintentionally burnt down late 1930's.  It was rebuilt soon

after and made slightly larger, the timber and iron were 'packed out' by

horse from the homestead.  In 2005 it was completely re-lined and

extended and is now the largest of the 3 huts. Still to this day, this hut

remains an essential accommodation base for shepherds at tailing (docking) and calf marking.      Five star luxury!


Flushing loos, hot showers, spring bed bases with mattresses, pillows and pillow cases, are recent additions of comfort!    All you need to bring is a sleeping bag, spare clothes and your FOOD!

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